The most emotional review from Daphne Smith

Review from Daphne Smith about our dual camera harness

Review by Cécile Bellu Photography

Video review from Cécile Bellu Photography of leather camera straps from Desired Leather

How to choose camera strap…

Why do we need camera straps? How comfortable is it in work? Is it worth it to buy and who will come in handy? How to […]

Some photos from our workshop

It was an ordinary day at work. Our friend photographer came to drink a cofee, and while looking at the job it progress made some wonderful […]

Review from Yuliya Panchenko Photography

  Feedback on the leather photographer harness from our client. We do all camera straps manually on order for each specific client. Therefore, buying a camera […]

Photo by Darina Miro

Photos taken by our clients are always nice. But sometimes they are so beautiful, that they deserve a separate post! Thank you so much, Darina! Our […]

How to care for leather camera harness

Leather is a natural material that requires moisture to remain supple. Unlike our own skin that replenishes moisture naturally, leather needs moisture added often in order […]