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Why do we need camera straps? How comfortable is it in work? Is it worth it to buy and who will come in handy? How to choose camera strap and manufacturer?

Let’s start from the beginning:

Harness for the photographer is designed to distribute the weight of the equipment evenly on the shoulders and back of the photographer, and to remove the load from the hands. At the same time, camera straps, makes it possible to always have equipment at hand, which allows you to spend less time changing cameras or lenses. As a result, the photographer gets less tired during the shooting day.

Photographer harness, well-selected in size and model, doesn’t interfere with work at all, it’s worth getting used to it, and you won’t imagine working without it.

Camera strap is useful to any professional photographer, especially those who take pictures outdoors or at events where you need to carry all your equipment with you. At sporting events, weddings, fashion photo shoots, harness will act as an assistant who silently keeps the camera at hand for you.

When choosing camera straps, pay attention to the material from which it is made – if it is leather, then it should be a full grain leather so as not to deteriorate and not lose its appearance within a season. If you choose straps from fabric, then focus on its density firstly. Always pay attention to the metal hardware, this is the most important part, no matter how beautiful the entire straps are, if weak carbines are installed on it, you are very at risk of breaking your camera if the hook breaks. Be sure to look at whether there are additional safety straps for the camera. One carabineer is good, but two are more reliable.

Which model is better to choose? To be honest, this is exclusively a matter of taste, the only recommendation is:

When choosing camera straps, be guided first of all by your proportions and the weight of your equipment.

If you have a miniature build, most likely models with narrow or combined straps are better for you, wide straps will simply interfere with your movements.

If you have heavy cameras, then in order to avoid cutting belts into your shoulders, choose camera harness with wide shoulder straps.

There are a lot of photographer harness manufacturers, well-known and not very, many do well, pay attention primarily to reviews, the more good reviews, the better. It’s not always worthwhile to focus on the price, the high price does not mean high quality, therefore, first of all, look at reviews, photos, ask the master questions, if you are comfortable with communication with the workshop and all of the above points, feel free to order.

We hope our article was useful! To see how the work with our personalized straps looks in practice, watch the video of our wonderful client:

Rebecca Carpenter Photography

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It was an ordinary day at work. Our friend photographer came to drink a cofee, and while looking at the job it progress made some wonderful shots for us! Thank you Evgenii Slav!

We really love doing our job with whole heart and we are leaving a small piece of our souls in every item, completely made by our hands. Every item bought from us, is walking through many processing stages. You should know that you gain some warmth of our hands together with each of our items bought!

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Leather is a natural material that requires moisture to remain supple.

Unlike our own skin that replenishes moisture naturally, leather needs moisture added often in order to last (every 8-10 wears).

Leather conditioners can be found in sprays or creams (applied with a cloth). Make sure your harness is clean and dry before you apply conditioner and always test on a small area before use.
Keep in mind that it is much more effective to apply a few light coats of conditioner than one heavy coat. This may clog the leather’s pores and won’t be absorbed as readily.
If you want to polish your harness, choose a colour that matches the leather. Some polishing agents are neutral in colour and can be used across leather colours. Rub polish on with a soft cloth and remove any excess polish with a clean cloth. Use a polishing brush or buffing block once the polishing agents have absorbed to achieve a high shine.

Caring Tips:
*Follow directions on the label of conditioners or polishes.

>>> Please be aware that leather is not waterproof. All leather is a natural skin, it retains moisture, gets dry and can warp and crack without proper care.
We use vegetable tanned process so the varnishes are water-resistant but by no means waterproof. If it does happen to get a splash on it, allow it to dry fully, don’t wipe or rub it.

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