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Personalized leather guitar strap is a very good choice for every guitar player, who wants to feel like one of a kind musician!

For a uniquely personalized guitar strap, it can also be engraved with a custom image of your choice.

These straps are all made by hand, combining traditional leatherworking methods with modern dyeing and lacquers.

A small leather pick pouch is designed to make your playing even more comfortable! Because we know, it happens sometimes when playing – in a most unconvenient moment you can loose your pick, and just cant start looking for it on the floor, and here comes the little hero! You can place some guitar picks in it in reserve and stay safe 🙂

This custom strap is compatible with most electric and acoustic guitars, basses, with standard strap pins. Main strap width is 5.5cm (2.1 inch) it is wide enough to feel comfortable and help to ease the guitars weight, but also not too wide to disturb you while playing. Strap length is adjustable from 110cm to 130cm and it makes it useful for most of people who might want to use it.

Anyway, if you want us to make the size by your choice – extra small or extra large – feel free to contact us through the conversation message!

It is made from high quality full-grain cow hide leather from Italy. It is 3.5-4.5mm thick very durable and strong leathertype, which is specially used for belts, straps and saddlemaking. For added comfort and increased durability, all edges are beveled and burnished. When new and unused, leather is quite hard, but only until the moment to start wearing it, and in time to time it heatens by a guitar players body and becomes softer, and takes its owners unique and one of a kind shape untill the moment when wearer forgets that there was a time without this strap. Scars, range markings and folds give each hide its own unique natural feel, because every item made, is one of a kind, from different unique hides.

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